New collaboration backpiece work

"Gakkin x Kenji Alucky"

on Machiko from “HADAKAEFUDA”裸絵札

Kenji Alucky and Gakkin

(Source: gakkin-tattoo.com)


I have a photo essay up on The Photographic Journal this morning.

Process: 21 
Beware of ticks!

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In which seven cats all discover the same slightly elevated flat thing and claim it as their own while pretending the other six cats don’t exist.

game of thrones

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self portrait, july 2009, berlin


Black and White Photography by Rebecca Jane Johnston 



 Shae DeTar

Shae’s photographic practice uses painted photography, a technique employed to
 add colour to photographs before colour processing was invented. 
In a world where images can be digitally manipulated, finding a photographer’s 
practice that explores alternative methods is rare and really refreshing. Her painted 
photographs seem mythical, situating models in an eerie and beautiful wilderness.
Such an amazing artist!

The adventures of a cute little doodle!  by ELYXtroqman | Instagram

Here is “ELYX“, a cute little doodle wandering through Paris, France as well as various parts of the world through the sketchbook of YAK, its creator, who draws his mascot for more than 3 years! Some adorable, funny and creative adventures to follow on his Instagram account or on his website: ELYX.


Foxes living on the beach in Hokkaido [x]